Kesan dan Pesan

Dear all Participants,

Our hilarious reunion has eventually finished. We have been happy for a week on board Celebrity Century cruise ship sailing from Vancouver to Alaska.

Please write down  your opinion about our Reunion-5, both its good things and bad things. Then please send it to  I will post it in this blog for the reference of Reunion-6 committee.  If you want to be anonymous, please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Haliman-Siong Bing

On Wednesday, June 1, 2011, Hwat Sing, Tan posted:

Dear Haliman,
We both had enjoyd the Reunion and  the Committee has done a great job
We missed the Farewellsongs at the end,pity.
Best regards,
Lies/Hwat sing Tan

Unsatisfactory cabin attendants

On Sun, May 29, 2011 at 6:46 PM, Dr. Liat Tan (prof. ret.) <> wrote:

Hi Petrus and Farida,

Happy to report that with your 2 quarters, I was able to phone my son who picked me up around 9.30am at Canada Place. I am now back home in my bungalow with my cat and plan to go to bed early.

Overall, I enjoyed the cruise, meals and shows in the Century Theater immensely. I have only one complaint about which I plan to write to the ship’s captain. But before I do that, I need to know two things about YOUR cabin attendant. 1)did you receive a small envelope containing baggage tags? 2) was your bed sheet changed every day? I am asking this because our cabin attendant did not leave us with any baggage tags, and also, because we were forced to sleep every day on unchanged bed sheets. Had our attendant provided me with baggage tags, we would have been able to leave the ship much earlier, and retrieve my bags in the terminal. Accompanied by a fellow cruiser, I was able to recognize my big brown baggage by an extra, small green American Tourister tag with my name on it. The crew officers were especially helpful. One of them accompanied me all the way to the exit because without baggage tags, you can not leave the ship.

I hope that you will reply to my 2 questions above. You know that you and Farida are always welcome in my house.


P.S. When I had a tendency to fall backward this morning, there were always friendly fellow cruisers who held me up.

Hi Prof. Liat,

Glad to hear that you arrived home safely last Sunday. I just came home from the post cruise-reunion tour, two days ago. Yesterday I had to work, so I only can answer you now.

I am happy, especially that you enjoyed the cruise, and only have one complaint.

My answer is about the baggage tags: I did not know about it, because I left in the express-out, meaning that I checked-out/got off from the cruise in the earliest group. With this express group, I had to take our luggage by our selves, so I did not need extra baggage-tags.

I have had the baggage tags, and I heard that you had too. These baggage tags came by post or from Tom, before we entered the cruise.

This is good that crew officers helped you, the same help as they did when they found your passport…..

I cc: to Tom and Haliman, hopefully they can answer or comment your complaint.

Yes, thanks to the Lord God, that there is always friendly fellow cruisers who held you up.

Take Care,


Hi Liat,

As Petrus has said, I am happy that you got home with you luggage. And I am sorry of the incident. About your complaint about your cabin attendant, the only thing I can say is my experience with our cabin attendant. My cabin attendants are Michael, a Filipino and Arta an Indonesian. Both are very friendly, polite and attentive. We received our luggage tags in the cabin on Saturday, May 28. We disembarked without the luggage tags because we carried our luggage ourselves without problem. I disembarked with the earliest group to take care of the shuttle for our members to the airport; to make sure they do not miss their flight. I stayed at the pier until the pier security personnel whom I asked told me that all passengers have left the ship. Then I went to the shuttle area and shuttle to La Quinta. I am sorry that I must have missed you at the pier.

Regarding cabin bed sheet, the cabin attendant fixed our bed sheet twice each day; one in the morning and another one in the evening. Our cabin bed sheet was always clean. I never asked and therefore I do not know whether cabin bed sheet has to be changed each day. At our home, Rose and I do not wash our bed sheet every day, but about once a week. I have no complaint about our cabin bed sheet.

I found all Celebrity personnel are friendly, attentive and tried to please passengers. Rosario is the chief personnel for public relations. He was always responsive to our needs as much as they could accommodate us with the conference room and space for daily Tai Chi and Line Dance. Because of that, when I met Rosario in the ship before I dropped my evaluation paper, I showed to Rosario of my positive comment which pleased him. Beside the mandatory gratuities, I gave extra tips to our cabin attendants and our dining table attendants also. And I am sorry of your unpleasant experience with the cruise.


The president took his wife as the treasurer

In one of the sessions on board Celebrity-Century cruise ship, a participant raised a question about the fact that husband and wife took the positions as the president and treasurer of Reunion-5 respectively. The founding father of our medical reunion, Tjien Oen,Oey MD once said that he had been the president, the treasurer, as well as the secretary of the first medical reunion.

Indeed, Tom Sulistio had offered the treaurer position to many participants, but no one was interested to it.  With the concent of the vice president, Siong Bing, Liem (Haliman Sutjahjo), Rose Sulistio was appointed to hold the treasurer of Reunion-5.

On Wednesday, June 1, 2011, Tom Sulistion posted:

Hi Every One,

As I stated from the beginning, the goal of the reunion is to have fun together for one week. As chairman of the committee, I reserve myself from congratulating ourselves. The success of the reunion should be judged by the majority of participants. Since Siong Bing has opened an anonymous  channel for critics (positive or negative) to him. I will give my personal open opinion/assessment at the appropriate time after all critics have been received. It is my wish that by doing this, we do not open a can of worms which may results in discouraging others to serve in the committee of future reunion.

Our daughter and her family; Rose’s sisters and her husband from the Philippines will arrive in Las Vegas tomorrow. We are very busy preparing for this gathering especially for the two young boy’s (grandsons). And I will fly to Dallas next week on Wednesday and Rose on Thursday after all her families left for the Philippines to do our next job of baby sitting. We also are waiting for Wie Poo & Fien; Kok Tjiang & Liang Ing to finish the video production, editing and distribution before we have accurate accounting to close the book. As the reunion 4 and as I have said that reunion 5 residual fund will be given to the reunion 6 committee, which I am helping to form with those who have expressed willingness to serve in the reunion 6 committee. I want to say it up front to whoever raised any question about transparency and accountability of the committee, especially the chairman and the treasurer that happens to be husband and wife that we have no interest what so ever of financial gain from this reunion.

1. I have no secret dealing with the travel agent or received any financial favor for the cruise. We paid for the cruise as any one else.

2. Rose and I paid the dinner held on May 21 as anybody else without any financial favor from the restaurant.

3. I was not aware (or I may forgot) of the negotiation that Petrus did with Hotel La Quinta manager Ms Goldie Bhoparai that gave me free hotel room, which I found out at the time I check out on May 22. As I have mentioned that we are not interested in any financial gain from this reunion, we will donate the total amount to the reunion 6 committee.

4. I paid $14 American $$ ($1 for tip) for shuttle from La Quinta to Pier as every body else on May 22. And on May 29 when every body has been accounted for shuttle (no one left at the ship/pier) I boarded the shuttle van and paid American $13 to Curtis Goldberg whom I have talked in the phone for the last four-six months or so prior to the cruise, who returned my payment. I gave $8 to $10 dollars to the driver as tips from me and for participants.

To all committee members, please submit any reunion expenses with receipts for reimbursement. If for any reason the receipts are lost, please write a note for documentation and sign of the expense so that you will be reimbursed.

I like to take this opportunity to thank you to all committee members that you have been generous with your time, ideas, efforts and for expenses that you have not asked for reimbursement up to now, but please do.

As an example of generosity, Koh Tjien Oen donated $1000 to reunion 5. During this reunion Fien (Wie Poo’s boss) insisted to donate $300 and we thank you; also we received slightly over $1,300 from reunion 4. All will be accounted for on closing the reunion 5 book. Please be patient. I assure you all that there is no hanky panky.


On Thursday, June 2, 2011, Hendra Sutantyo (Kong Hien, Tan) posted:

We trust you from the bottom of our hearts that you are transparent, honest and trustworthy so you don’t have to repeat again and again that you don’t take advantage of the reunion cruise as Chairman of the commitee. We just want to thank you for the good work you have done to make the Cruise a Success, and of course we don’t forget to thank Rose for doing so much & caring so much for us.
Hendra & Betty.

On Thursday, June 2, 2011, Hwat Sing, Tan posted:

Hi Hendra,
We are of the same opinion about Tom,Rose and the money business,what they did
was priceless and it was a very welldone job.Thank you
greetings from Holland
Lies/Hwat Sing

Thumb ups for Tom and his committee

On Tuesday, May 31, 2011, Evelyn Sie posted:

Hello everybody,

We just got back from Alaska with a lot of fun memories from the
Reunion V.
The weather was very nice, although we had one rainy day in Ketchican and
half day slightly rough sea.
The Reunion V committee had done a wonderful job, we can see that everybody
worked very hard and sincere to make all of us having a good time , and it was successful.
Tom and Rose ,were so busy on checking the details of embarkation and disembarkation and
daily activities.

Thank you and salute to all of the Reunion V Committee members.

Now we just have to wait for the announcement of when and where the Reunion VI will be.


On Sunday, June 5, 2011, Harlan Sutandi posted

I met a couple who was on their first reunion with us, they tempered their enthusiasm because they did not know anybody. I assured them, I understand their feeling because I was in the same situation as they were when I attend my first reunion in Houston. I enjoyed this Alaska reunion so much more, not because the Houston reunion was poor organized, but because I got to know many new friends from the first reunion.

I did noticed improvement from the Houston reunion. Despite initial glitches with the travel agent thanks to Tom’s super efforts the reunion was a huge success. The availability of the meeting room is plus., where speakers kept us occupied and entertained while at sea Without that we will be at a loss what to do with our free time while at sea. I like the Asian food section in the dining room

The buku kenangan is better, and thanks to Hok Kan.

I learned about glacier in high school, but did not really understand how it shaped today landscape, finally more than 5 decades later do I now understand

Thanks and congratulations to Tom and the committee for their tireless effort.


On Tuesday, June 7, 2011, Fien & Wie Po Tan posted:

Dear Rose,Tom and the committe members,
Thank you for being the chairpersons of Reunion V. We had a very good time and a lot of fun.
Good, that the ship was not so big,”Celebruty Century”. We can meet friends easy on the ship.
All of you did work hard, for the purpose for friends to have fun.
Thanks again,
Fien/Wie Poo

Incredible Reunion-5

Hi to reunion-V participants, Thomas Gan,
Thanks for Tom & Rose plus reunion -V committee for their hard-working, time given to us for our goal in order to reach our success and having fun among our togetherness.
Also to Koh Tjien Oen our reunion founder and Fien for their generosity, good and willingness supporting for our togetherness and fun.
With tears and joyfully I could meet my friend Mien who I haven’t met for 48 years since I  left ITB,  and I have never expected before.  My husband could meet his old friends Sing Khing, wife Ay Hwa, Hendra (Kong Hien) and wife Betty who haven’t met for 48 years too.  Han Tiong and wife Koey liked to enjoy our reunion especially they came far from Surabaya.
Because of Tom and Tien Sada had taught us, my husband would learned Taichi, line dancing and waltzing.  Now he would like to improve his skills in goyang pinggul kanan and kiri in socializing.
I would like to say thank you to Tjeng Liep Hian who had demonstrated his acupuncture treatments and given us especially ladies who needed this treatment.  He had taught our husbands how  to pierce the needles to their wives   He had treated us with his own disposable needles for 200 pieces until he had run out of needles.  May I ask Rose if you like do our favor for reimburse  the price of the needles which he had already spent for us?
Hiem Gan with his guitar, Prof. Hariman with his violin, Rose S. with her poetry and Fien had demonstrated their talents. Teddy, Jenny Nangoy, and Hiem Gan as our MC spoke jokingly and fluently.Sorry to Rose S and Hiem Gan that I couldn’t fulfil your idea that I have to sing infront so many new friends, maybe next time I will try if I have been training.
Thanks to Thomas Gan who had given me a beautiful red necklace and ear rings via Trees.  When I wear it, I will always remember you .
I met  Harlan Sutandy personally in La Quinta hotel.  Before I had thought he was a monster to me.  In his postings, he always wrote contradicted several others, but actually he was a nice guy.   In my mind he isn’t a bad guy at all.
Sorry there were always unsatisfactory little things that were beyond our reach.  Kata bahasa Indonesia “Tiada gading yang tak retak”.
Regards, hugs to everybody,
El. C.

On Friday, June 10, 2011, Siong Bing (Haliman) posted

Free Cruise Ticket from Ucruising?

On board Celebrity Century, I got a kind of questions from three different participants.  They asked if I got a free ticket or a special ticket price from Ucruising, the travel agent.  One of the askers looked serious, so a dialogue took place as follow:

Asker: As a coordinator, did you get a free ticket or a discounted ticket price from Ucruising?

Me: How much did you pay for your tickets?

Asker: One thousand four hundred and eighty dollars for two.

Me: Did you tell Eo or her assistant that you were participants of medical reunion?

Asker: Yes, I did.

Me: If you hadn’t declared that you were participants of medical reunion,   you would have to pay at least one thousand eight hundred.  Every five cabins we got one free ticket, so every two cabins we got two free tickets. That’s why; our ticket price is lower than regular ticket price.  I paid exactly the same amount of money as you did.

Asker:  Thank you very much for your explanation.  Now I understand and appreciate your efforts.

Reunion-5 Photo Album

Dear friends
I have created a picassa photo web page., here is the link
If you cannot access, just go to picassa
password: medical2011
If you want to upload pictures please do so. I would suggest you create a folder with your name so we all know who is the owner of these pictures.. This is a test trial, so you all should go and look and download etc. Give me some comment
To all friends,
Tom & Rose Sulistio and the whole Reunion5 Committee,Congratulations and a Million Thank You for all your volunteering
hard work, time, sacrifices, talent and dedication to make this
Reunion a huge success.
We had a great time, lots of fun and beautiful memories.
Special thank you to Tom and Rose who worked sooo….. hard
and care sooo….  much for all of us.
Thank you to Dr Tjeng Liep Hian who helped me with
acupressure for my sprained ankle caused by a fall
and to Dr Okky Oei with his laser treatment.
Their expertise came in handy to help reduce the swelling and the pain.
And thank you to Jeffrey Sulistio and Corey who were
so enthusiastically helping us to load all our luggage from
La Quinta into the bus to go to the pier, while Aspen was watching
them eagerly from the side and asking if he could help too and
was told to wait for a another year.
Hooray ….to our young generation!
Thank you to all our photographers Kiki, H Kan, WPoo, Petrus,
Alan and all, for their beautiful pictures.
And  to KT who organized it in our Reunion album.
And thank you to Hok Kan who did wonderful job on our BKK
And to the very talented MCs: Teddy, H Gan, Jenny,
without them it would not be so hilarious.
Thank you to Tien cs for Taichi , Tom for Line dance,
Matthew & Poppy for Ballroomdance,
They teach us  the fun way to exercise/moving our body
to stay mobile and in good health.And thank you to everybody that I have not mentioned here.It was a nice, friendly, cozy atmosphere like we were in a big family.
Thank you to all of you for your warm friendship.Lucia and Trees

On June 17, Sutisna Himawan wrote:

Tom, Rose, SB and others,
Hilda and I are very satisfied with the successful reunion, we have no complaints at all. The core committee members, especially Tom and Rose did a great job, which was beyond their call of duty! Jeffrey was also very helpful with the shuttle from La Quinta to the pier. So it is really a surprise that a few participants seemingly were unhappy or suspicious about the cruise tickets. Participation in reunions is totally voluntary, nobody forced anybody to participate or to not participate. If the conditions are not suitable, well, don’t participate.
About the coming reunion I propose Nate Sidharta to be the chairman and Harlan as vice-chairman or secretary. After all Nate was the only one who responded to Tom’s questionnaire prior to the cruise. Looking at the result of the questionnare received during the cruise, seemingly the majority still prefer that the site should be in the US.
On Saturday, June 18, Haliman-Siong Bing posted:
I am personally happy with those participants who raised the question about “free tickets”; hence I could explain the matter. . It has been an open secret that cruise companies grant free tickets to individuals who can recruit a certain number of passengers. Indeed, every participant already got discounted ticket calculated from the free tickets.
It is better to ask rather than to spread gossip.  Therefore, I thank the askers and appreciate them for their courage and openness.
On Monday, June 20 2011  Tien Sada posted
Dear Rose and Tom,
I would like to take this opportunity to express my congratulations to you both for A JOB WELL DONE!
Organizing such an event is a huge task, and you did it so wonderfully.  We cannot make everybody happy, but I have noticed that there were more satisfied participants than those who complained, so, that’s a good sign.   To take on the responsibility for being the chair couple for this Reunion V  is already a commendable gesture on your part, knowing that this type of work is the most tedious and unappreciated job one can take.
I personally thank you so very much for all the hard work you put into making the Reunion V a successful one, which indeed happened. Your hard work and dedication are really appreciated.
You both made the reunion went smoothly from start to end.
When we arrived at La Quinta, we got a nice big recycle green bag fulled with the goodies inside.  I think this is the first time the participants got a free shirt, good quality too!  The men love the baseball cap and the ladies have the beautiful pashmina.  Hok Kan, thanks for those lovely cards.  The jacket is such a great one, beautiful design and color, with so many hidden pockets, I just love it.  I feel so privilege to get one.  I guess people loved it too, because I had many who asked me how did I get a hand on this jacket, I had to bashfully say:  “it is the committee’s (panitia) jacket”, hahaha…
The cruise itself to Alaska was wonderful.  We were all blessed with such beautiful weather.  The reunion program is just right.  Everybody seemed to enjoy it.
I remember Tom was the last one to leave the port in Vancouver, he made sure all the reunion participants had departed the ship and departed accordingly.
As of the financial accounting, we whole heartedly trust both of you.   My personal feeling is the time and energy you had spent on this reunion is far worth more than the left over money you mentioned.

Rudy and I had a great time at Medical Reunion V, and we thank Rose and Tom for making it a memorable one.

God bless.

~ tien ~

On Monday, June 20, Jenny Nangoy posted

Dear Rose and Tom,
Hereby I want to THANK you both Rose and Tom for your jobs perfectly done !
I do not know if there are still some who are complaining ( if there are, there must be the ones who do not know how to do it themselves …) but for me personally, and there should be many many many more who are gratified and respectful and surely know how it is to try with utmost best , good will and so much responsibility to make our Reunion V a good, memorable and enjoyable one !
Rose and Tom THANK YOU SO MUCH for all these !
I do hope you both will remember this Reunion V as a really good and successful one
Do not look back or think back of the small faults ( that probably has occured here and there ) always think that you can not please just everyone !
I know so well the efforts and good will , all the best you have done ( or at least you have tried to do ! ) and it is ENOUGH for a JOB SUCCESSfully done !
And this e-mail of your REPORT and RECORD is just so good ! It has shown your responsibility and fairness so well ! Thank you again !
Just one more small reminder from me for you Tom and Rose , I do think that you must not forget to subtract the expenses of making the DVD , also about all the video – film making of Kok Tjiang and Lian Ing etc— surely there must be some more expenses whatever it might be


This was brought up during our last meeting on the last night and we were so in unison that all other expenses, all kinds of expenses still not yet final be substracted till nothing else would be left taken from your own purses, either of you both or other parties !!
As you mentioned we are no paupers and there should be ample/ enough money left to be rolled over to the Reunion VI ….
Again my regards and respect to you both
Jenny Nangoy

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